*smooch* (ldy) wrote,


Mm. Tired. Big sushi dinner last night with friends (after a bloody awful day at work), then we saw a pretty good band at the local yokel bar. All my friends were there... but it was just sad-and-no-fun for me. I won't go into the details (cough*xso*cough).
Now it's off to drive for two and a half hours, go through more of me mum's things for a few hours, drive home again for two and a half hours. I'm assuming I'll collapse upon my return. If I don't, there's a going-away/toga party I really should go to. (Now, where'd I put that tie-dyed sheet?)
Sidenote: this is probably my lamest entry to date. I should've written it as an Elizabethan Sonnet or something. :P no time, no time...

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