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the train of thought has left the station

Ridin' the stress wave, folks. Work's been insane. I've been sorta keeping up with my friends page, but there are comments to entries in my own journal well over a week old that I haven't gotten to respond to yet! I will.

I got newbabel's Absent Lovers in the mail the other day. I haven't even had time to read that (or finish the Pratchett book I that's been sitting on my nightstand, with twenty pages to go, for a month now). But I will! It looks absolutely gorgeous. I already know the story, but it's different, somehow-- reading printed pages instead of pixels.

More in love with P than ever. It's nearly overwhelming at times. That doesn't mean that seeing the Pirate in social situations doen't cause some emotional turmoil-- it does. I wonder why that is? Maybe to remind me how lucky I am. Maybe just because that's the way things are. Maybe simply because his character makes for a good story arc in the sitcom of my life. I wonder what his theme song is, what motif plays when he reenters the story. I already know all of P's. He's got damned fine Writers, and a really sharp music director.

Been looking at Alexandrites. And colour change sapphires and garnets. Mmmmmm. Shiny! *poing!* DeBeers can bite my shiny nondiamond arse.

P may have already found a house for us. A friend/colleague of his is looking for another place, and will soon be selling his. P already loves it. And it's sorta kinda in our price range. If I get a job.

Heh. If I get a job. That's rich.

Even if I just start out writing freelance copy for a couple places, I should be able to contribute enough. I can't imagine not working. But the idea of not doing the ninetofiver for awhile is tremendously appealing to me, even though it's so foreign a concept that I can't quite get my mind around it. We'll see.

Boy, it sure sounds like I've made up my mind to move south, doesn't it. How odd.

We're trying to figure out what to do for the holidays. P has a symposium (God, I love that word) in Boston the week after Thanksgiving, so going to my aunt's is an option (she hasn't actually invited me, mind you, and I haven't seen her in years, but hey, inviting myself, P and Z to her place is still an option, right? :P). I wanted to have Christmas here, but I'm already committed to doing an improv show New Year's here and getting the time off in between might be tough for P, so now we're thinking about doing Christmas at my dad's in Sarasota. And then NYE in Albany. Oi.

And to think, for years I just spent the holidays alone.

I'm sick of all this traveling, and all of this time inbetween without P and Z. And I'm getting this weird gut feeling that Z needs me there. Maternal instinct, or early onset senility? Who knows. But my spidey sense is tingling. Perhaps I will move south in Jan or Feb.

In the meantime, I can hardly wait to see Z play in Florida in two weeks :)

And I really can't wait to see P in two days :D

Friday, we're both heading to The Monstrosity, where I'm looking forward to seeing a great many loved ones. I'm so excited!

The folks at the Hilton seem real nice. Hilton National claims that Huntsville Hilton doesn't have an airport shuttle, but the nice lady there just informed me that they do, and that they'd send it out just as soon as I got into town. Ain't that grand! I feel so very special.

Unless, of course, she was being facetious... in which case, colour me afeared.

Yikes-- two minutes on the phone, and I've already begun speaking with a drawl. That can't be healthy. And an hour ago I was speaking with a brogue! I seem to suffer from rampant multiple dialect disorder. No wonder people can never seem to figure out where I'm from.

I'm rambling. I should be making a list, checking it twice, making sure I've got what I need for my costume, doing laundry, etc., but I think I'll just do it all tomorrow in a mad frenzy. That reminds me-- weird thing happened this morning-- I asked a friend of mine who is a costumer to fix a tear in the dress I'll be wearing Friday. We both work days, and she's out in Albany, so I figured I'd see her tonight sometime, maybe meet her out in Albany or something. But for no apparent reason, I brought the dress to work with me. She just so happened to stop by work. How freaky is that? Lovin' it, baby. She's already done with it-- gotta pick that up tomorrow, too. I'll do it all... tomorrow. Tomorrow. You're always a day away.

Right now? I'm heading to bed.

Night night, LJ. *huggos*

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