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It's not a happy day in ldyland. Not even an electric day.

I am still sick. This is unusual for me.

Office Admin will be out for at least two days because she has WHOOPING COUGH. I thought that went out with stuff like "croup" and "the vapors*!" Apparently it is rather serious, very contagious, and usually takes somewhere between five and twenty-one days to incubate. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Did I mention that the other girl in the office is pregnant?

It is hailing. Hello, it's Orctober. There should be NO freezing midday precipitation at this point in the calendar year.

My personal email's been down all day. No luff notes for meeee. :(

My boss is making no sense whatsoever. So I'm just making stuff up. It's all part of my job sometimes. Today is a sometimes day.

I have not eaten lunch. I feel woooooooozy. And whooopy.

I like T. S. Eliot. An awful lot, really.

Tonight, I will drive to East Bumfus to rehearse. I'd like to write our Fearless Leader a note explaining the whooping situation, but as I mentioned, the email is down the email is down (whoop whoop whoop). Perhaps I'll call.

I have officially had enough. I am going home.

* Did you start singing "turning japanese," too?

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