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On the other hand, maybe I've just gotten too good at firewood tetris

At 11:30am, the lawn guy showed up. He quoted me $75 and said it would take about an hour or so.



I don't recognize my yard. The only reason I know it's mine is because it's attached to the house. WOW.

I will definitely have him do a lot more work for me. He'll be back tomorrow to trim the trees and split some wood.

The firewood is all stacked in the basement. M defenestrated* the wood, I stacked it.

The wood guy shorted me on my face cord. It should be 8' x 4' stacked-- it was barely 5' x 4' stacked, if that. It was also not as high quality as last year. I know there's a firewood shortage and all, but dayam. He'll dump more off at some unspecified point in future. Tomorrow, perhaps?

I'm SO tired. So is M. We had Plans to do more Stuff, but now we've decided to relax for the rest of the night-- Italian food (delivered) and Holy Grail. Hooray!

Heh. Lawnguy JUST finished. I paid him $100, even though he didn't trim the forsythia ;)

Food's here!!! And twenty minutes early, at that! It's a Good Day :)

* Hm. Perhaps I should say she fenestrated it, since it was incoming, not outgoing...

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