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Dies Veneris...

Nifty things from the past couple days...

Bought potato cheddar chive bread from Montana Mills. Oh, is so-very yum. I really wish they didn't put a store so close by ;P Bonus: the new cashier even understood what I meant when I referred to my purse as a "bag of holding." It was like a secret handshake :) He also appreciated the concept of the "Afro of Holding." Heh.

Yipes-- I just noticed that languagehammer is gone!! How disturbing... especially since he's mentioned a couple of times on the goldengoat page... and not in any bad way (that I noticed)... freaky, that. Hope he's OK.

...but I digress.

Shortly after buying the Bread of Wonder (not Wonderbread), I returned to my car and heard "Shaft," "R-E-S-P-E-C-T," and "Lovely Day" (the original... uhm... all of 'em ;P). Mmmmmmmmyum! Songs likely pulled from the Afro of Holding itself.

I found a pre-played "Dino Crisis" for $10... and it's guaranteed to work for 30 days :D Yeeeee-ha. I'll probably dim the lights and play it some tonight. There's a great band out at a nearby hotspot, and huggy friends aplenty, but I'm in the mood for a spooky game. I'm such a geek ;)

I got a bigass baking stone (includes the "exclusive" plastic scraper and rack! :P). I'm thrilled, and oddly hungry. This happened shortly before I discovered I could buy some of the best freshly-made-dough on the planet for a buck. I hope he wasn't referring to deer.

I found my hat :) It's a turtlefur and it's very warm. It has a static index of ~22, meaning once I put it on, I cannot take it off in public. I don't care though. It's... AAAAHGH! I TOOK IT OFF TO LOOK AT THE COLORS TO DESCRIBE THEM TO YOU AND STATIC-SENSITIVE THINGS ALL OVER THE ROOM ARE FLYING AT MY HEAD! Yipes. Close call. Anywho, it's dark purple and blue and has (shh-- secret!) turtles and eagles hidden in the pattern.

If you find yourself losing your marbles (like I so often do), you might want to consider keeping them in jars (like a friend of mine does) so they cannot escape.

Don't lose yer marbles-- Kerplunk!

Welcome brandi :) I'm happy friends pages go back farther now... maybe I can keep up with her! Yowza-- one busy momma (and such a beauty, too)

There was something else I wanted to say... but I've lost my train of thought again. Ah, well.

Happy frigedaeg everyone. Choochoomcboogie.

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