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further adventures in homeownership

at 9a I got my hair cut - $32
at 11a I got a #(*$&-load of wood delivered to my driveway - $100
at 11:30a a nice couple in their twenties came to "do" my lawn - $75
A productive Saturday - priceless
Homeownership has its privileges.
Not sure what those are yet, but I'm sure that it does ;)

M and Jwo will be here later
And later I will have to recaulk the basement window
(I'm ripping it out so that I can just throw the wood in from the driveway)
I'd rather replace it, but that probably won't happen today

Hooray for productive Saturdays! :)
Maybe I'll even stain those sills I started in May ;)

Hairdresser says I should sell my house RIGHT NOW because the market's so good.
Oh, and that I should have a baby, too.
He tells me these things while he's ripping out my eyebrows.

Oh, and I rescued a clove from the garbage last night. P laughed at me.
It was the best thing he could have done. C'mon, it WAS pretty funny.
The best thing I ever learned to do was to not take myself too seriously.
I am my life's own comedic relief ;)

OK. Back to homeownering. Everybody thinks that it's going to be a rough winter-- even worse than last year.

And last year was BAD.

Hope you're all having a great day :)

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