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My boys are on their way!

My boys are on their way!

My house is still a mess,
but I don't care.
My boys are on their way :)

For my darling's future reference: please do not hand the phone to your son exactly when your gf is about to say "you ain't gettin' none tonight." It's embarrassing. For everyone. OK, so it was really only embarrassing to me. You guys just laughed.
It's alright.I shall make said son wear a very silly plushie king's crown tomorrow. And if all is not forgotten, at least I'll have the photos to return any future embarrassment fire.
And you still ain't gettin' none. Well, maybe a little. I'm going to make you work for it, though.
Not that you'll ever read this... but I enjoyed writing it anyway. A journalistic exploration of mental masturbation.
"So there," she concluded to no-one in particular.
Hm. Perhaps I should clean now.

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