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insert something witty about cellphones here

The Abbylicious one is on her way here! I'm so excited. I might have to put on the cam for this. She is coming to eat all my snatch. Or was it snacks? It was a rather bad connection. Whatever. She'll be here in an hour or so. I'll likely find out then.

Three completely unrelated oldbies on my friends list have suddenly and inexplicably deleted. Huh??! COME BACK!

Stranger still, other friends report multiple spontaneous deletions as well, and I suspect we only have at most one or two in common.

Is it catching?

A band of thirteen year olds in a completely packed bar in Gainesville are playing "Sweet Home Alabama" in my ear via cellphone.

It sounds like noise, but that's a cellphone issue, not a band issue.

Now they're playing Tom Petty. Pfft. Sellouts! ;)

OK, back to cleaning up a bit, so alcestis doesn't get eaten by the vorpal dustbunnies.

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