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We called Southwest Airlines several times in recent days about moving my flight tomorrow to a nonstop in order to miss the hurricane, but they were little help-- all three times they said it would cost an additional $274 (even though I could theoretically just buy an extra one-way ticket for $172!). The original flight was a superspecial roundtrip of just $120, so doubling or tripling the cost didn't appeal.

Anywho, at 11pm tonight, SWA put a notice up on their site that travelers to or from BWI could get their flights cancelled and new flights booked at no charge.

A quick phone call later, and I'm on the 1:45 nonstop instead of the 2:20 that will likely be grounded.

Extra bonus? Alone time w/ P, since everybody else (including The Boy and Molly) thinks I'm getting in later ;D


I'm going to have to leave work even earlier than planned, and I've still got packing to do AIYIYIYI! Not complainin', though! Not complainin' one bit!

I'm SO PSYCHED! See you on the flipside, folks!

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