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The Coneheads came from Kuala Lumpur

Tomorrow, I fly to Florida. My flight stops briefly at BWI-- say a lil' prayer that I make it down tomorrow, K? I'd hate to miss seeing my sweetie because of a silly ol' hurricane.

In other news, our improv group is auditioning new people, and working on Halloween and Christmas shows in addition to our normal monthly madness. Our first rehearsal for Haunted Albany is next Tuesday. I hope our Fearless Leader has it written by then ;)

Oh, and I'm doing a reading of an excerpt of a banned book at the Albany Public Library to create awareness of Banned Books Week. I'm thinking about reading Walt Whitman's I Sing the Body Electric, though I haven't actually committed to anything yet.

Between yesterday afternoon and this morning-- a mere sixteen hours-- some 350 entries went by on my friends page. Jeeeeeeeezum Loueeeezum. I think I need to put my rss feeds and communities on a separate filter.

And I need to stop singing this.
And no, it's not badgers.

I'll be offline for the most part between tonight and next week sometime. Hope you are all well and happy, and that those in Isabel's path are kept safe.

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and whoever dropped that house on my sister.

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