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Desperately seeking queue

Wow. Just installed ICQ... and quite literally within 2 seconds of installation, I've been spammed for porn.

You are a new user, right? =) I remember that when i was a newbie, i searched for hot erotic sites, but couldn't find a free ones. So, i'm going to help you. You'll find everything you secretly dreamed about at:

Hope to hear from you soon, bye =)

It was from a "Diana." Oh, my goodness! Gasp-- perhaps my Sex Goddess was attempting to initiate contact!!!


Whoops. Wonder if there's some sort of karmic retribution for putting a goddess on your "ignore" list. :P

Ooh. And just now, a mere six minutes after that msg, I got this one:

Internet... Mousepads... T-Shirts... nowadays you can get all of this for free without any charges from you. Just visit this site:

I'm sure you won't be disappointed ;-)

Free? Without any charges _from_ me?

Sniff. I feel so loved.


If you'd like me to bother you next time I'm on ICQ, please let me know. I promise not to spam you. (And even if, by chance, I did, my typos would be kept to a minimum!) Adding friends' numbers to my listythingy would help validate me as a human being of worth. (But not Mary Worth) Thank you. (That goes for AIM, too... although that particular novelty has worn off :P)

Oh, and I think scottobear deserves applause for keeping in touch with his family so well. His family is really quite an annoying bunch, aren't they? ;)

Ach. I'm an arse for staying up so late again :/ And with that I go to bed. Many of you are in my thoughts tonight. Kapay, Well-Wisher, and Kathleen especially. Hugs to everyone who wants 'em/needs 'em/doesn't run away quickly enough.

G'night and sweetdreams.
and please wish me luck tomorrow. thank you.

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