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Serious naps for serious people.

I just had the second dream in the last few days in which I saw my mother. "Mom, we thought you were dead!"

For the second time, she denied it. "Why on earth would you think I was dead?"

Well, she's been dead for three years, so I didn't have a really good answer for that. "You just were!"

She offered to fly me first class, second class or third class to wherever it was she was "living," whenever and wherever it was easiest for me to catch a plane. I got the impression she was offering to fly me to the afterlife, and that the afterlife was somewhere near Atlanta.

"The food is really good," she said.

I said OK, hugged her again, and returned to my job at the castle.

Tomorrow morning, I see the doctor. My blood pressure is really low, I had a bizarre and sudden high fever during the con, and a strange localized rash. I feel a little hot right now, but at 98° (F) the thermo-meter suggests I'm not a good judge of temperature.

It creeps me out a little now, in retrospect, that she hadn't offered me a round-trip ticket.

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