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Thought I had tequila and mix at home, but I was mistaken.

There was a distinct lack of margarita mix in the liquor cabinet.

So I fed the kitty and ran to the store.

Got myself a much-needed umbrella, some roses, some sushi, and some margarita mix. Hooray!

I got stuck in line. Boo!

I got home in time for the teleseminar! Hooray!


Back at the office now :(

Still no margarita.

I had my six-month eval with my boss yesterday. On a scale of one to twenty five, he thought I was a fifteen. We eventually agreed that I'm at least a twenty, even if the corporation can't afford to pay me at that level.

Now that I've worked another salaried ten hour day and still didn't get half as much accomplished as I'd like because he can't bloody well leave me alone (despite the fact that he promised me yesterday that he would), and I'm spending the first of several uncompensated Wednesday evenings in my office, I'm wondering if Florida might not be a nice place to move.


ADDENDUM: Verizon says-- "No phone or DSL 'til at least Friday!!" *sigh* May I cry now?

No. No, I may not. I'm a goin' home, and I'm a makin' me a margarita. So THERE.

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