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Sentence run-on by professional writer; don't try this at home

I'm so far behind on work and I keep getting interrupted and I'm supposed to be home already because I have work to do there too (website work that I can't do on my computer at work) and I'm going to be working most of the night there and sitting in on a teleseminar my boss is giving because I'll be conducting the one next week on my own and I really should have some sort of clue as to how its done, and now my sweety tells me that his business is making his travel arrangements for the Baltimore convention, which leaves on November 2nd, and are we going to Huntsville, and I have no idea, because I'm completely swamped with work and I really need to be able to write at a goshdurned eighth grade level, and sell our company's services to a pathetically small group of pharmacists, which means the marketing has to be really incredible, and I have to write the darned thing, like, yesterday, and the last thing on my mind right now is vacation, but I dreamt of the Monstrocity last night (except it was in Canada), and I'm so glad I dont' smoke but dammit, it does make it hard to concentrate and I can't possibly come up with any sort of decision right this very second, but his travel person needs an answer right this very second, and I'd like to think about it and about the possibility traveling to/from ATL instead of HSV and about whether or not I'll be visiting Baltimore, too, because I have no idea, and the convention sounds fun and I'd love to see MenT and this stupid eight-page marketing letter is NOT writing itself, and I would like a margarita please and my house is a mess and I'm SO freaking tired and and and calgon, please take me away.


PS-- I'd settle for the margarita. And a ghostwriter.

PPS-- and now my boss just called and wasn't I supposed to be going home and yes I was but I keep getting interrupted hint hint and I'm slowly quickly going mad and blahblah blah blah blah blah blah!

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