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There's a Tigress in the Story Box...

Mmmm.... Sunday... The sun is shining... I'm sitting cross-legged on the floor... drinking Chocolate Truffle Cream Coffee... eating mucho grande nachos (no meat, please)... reading the comics... half-watching the Dolphins game... listening to the soft drone of the purr machine... ah, 'tis a loverly day!

I found the result of this test particularly funny...


With a cocktail in your hand and your fur — er, hair — perfectly styled, you're the coolest kitty in the room. You're a smooth, slinky Tigress, effortlessly sexy and mistress of all you survey. You're the party girl every party guy wishes he could have. In his dreams. But you're not an ice queen. You're just sophisticated and discriminating, knowing exactly what you want to get out of each function you attend. You always keep your wits about you, knowing that a level head can come in very handy. Frankly, you're not all that into parties anyway. Checking out the latest hot spot is more your speed — you just need someplace to start off your evening. Meow, baby!

Meow, baby-- heh :P

Odd... all the commercials seem to be tech related. Nift.

And TOUCHDOWN! Miami 13, Bills 0! Ooh, make that 14-0!

Oh, yes, 'tis a loverly day :)

Later, I think I'll go watch a small-community's tree-lighting ceremony. If I don't do laundry. And then it's Sunday night RV TB TV.

Ooh. I think I'll have a bit more coffee. Maybe I'll make a bloody mary. And read the rest of the paper.

And I hope you're having a loverly day, too.

see ya, see ya,
glad that you could stay a while
da dum
glad that we could say good mornin'
to you
hope you have a shiny day

I do so love that Magic Garden :)

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