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"Maidens call it 'love-in-idleness,' but faeries call 'em 'pansies'"

Show went well. We may have been on Fox News. Can we say "slow news day?"

I screwed up bigtime and gave someone the wrong cue. His recovery was funny as hell, though, so I don't really regret it. That's not to say I'll do it again.

Oh, and I sang during the show. Off the cuff. For the hell of it. Twice. Badly :)

Last night, we drank Ommegang beer in Act V. Tonight, it was some Russian semi-sweet red wine. Note to self: do not ever try to match Mark drink for drink. You should know this, silly woman.

Second note to self: "pretty"!="untalented" Remember this. It's a compliment, stupid.

In other news, I do believe that the madness inside my head has ended.

Sweet dreams, all.

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