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Um, don't wake me, k?

You know what I'd do if I were there?

No, what would you do?

First, I'd lay you down on the couch. Then I'd sit down on the end of the couch, under your feet, and remove your shoes and socks. Then I'd give you a foot massage-- a really gentle foot massage-- watching your face to make sure I didn't hurt you, or God forbid, tickle you, because that can be like hurting sometimes, and you need TLC. So I'd keep an eye on you to see how we both were doing.

Then I'd get up and gently lift your head, sit down, and put it into my lap. You'd close your eyes, dear, while I rubbed your temples. It would be all that "put your troubles into a big pink bubble and blow it away." You'd eventually fall asleep.

Then my leg would get cramped, and I'd get pins and needles all down my leg, and I'd be all like "ow!" ...but no matter, you'd be sleeping, and I'd be gently rubbing your temples.

Later, you'd wake up, and "[insert funny noise I make when waking here] what time is it, sweetie?" and I'd say "six or seven" and you'd go to get up and make dinner, and I'd say "no, rest, I'll take care of it." And then I'd make you an amazing dinner while you reclined on the couch.

But we haven't any food in.

Even better; I'll order out. What are you in the mood for?

Michele's house is doing great-- her family really got a lot done today. Her house is farther along then mine is!

Someday, I'm gonna do that for my kids. It's hard to try to do everything by one's self, and not nearly as fun.

Soon, Johnny (xso's little bro) will be here, and I'll help him burn some CDs for his graduation from massage school.

If we do that quickly enough, I can take payment in shiatsu or swiss massage tonight.

That's sure to help.

But even a professional massage can't compare to my phone massage.

Colour me appreciative and more than a little amazed.

Whee, Johnny's here! Later, gators!

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