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hoary-headed coeds fall in the fresh lap of the seasoned traveler ;)

He has Writers, too. They're just as good as mine. I think they're collaborating.

He traveled extensively for work last year. We're talking all over the world-- China, Hong Kong, Europe-- thousands and thousands of miles. He had a running joke with his friend and coworker Dana-- "See that pretty girl? She won't be sitting next to me." Not once did he get to sit next to anyone remotely attractive on a flight.

See, Writers love shit like this. Don't worry about tempting Fate; Atropos won't run with scissors. It's the Writers you shouldn't tempt, because they'll do ANYTHING for a punchline.

Of course, now that he's seeing someone, he was seated next to a tall, busty, babe-ish coed.

Named Amber.

Yes, a tall, busty, babe-ish coed named Amber.

Who was majoring in "Recreation and Leisure."*

And who wasn't 21 yet, but that was "OK" because "I have a fake ID."

And who, like my sweetie, was traveling on from DC to-- what a coincidence!-- Jacksonville.

Of course, since they were traveling to the same destination, the next flight had exactly two seats left.

And was leaving the next morning.

Hm. All those flights when he was single without a pretty girl in sight, and suddenly he's faced with an overnight stay in DC with a tall, busty, babe-ish coed named Amber who is majoring in Recreation and Leisure and who needs a place to stay, wouldn't mind having a few drinks, and is really appreciative of his help in rescheduling her flight.

Tell me that isn't superb. :)

The pilot refused to turn the plane around. For hours and hours. But once I said my little mantra, he had to turn around because of a broken toilet.

And then a random pilot they ran into crawled into the belly of the plane to retrieve their luggage, which otherwise would have been on its way to DC.

Great Writers.

Who's to say my little mantra didn't save him from Amber the Recreation and Leisure Coed? Stranger things have happened.

And if so, know that I regret my part in that whole story not at all ;)

* OK. What the hell is "Recreation and Leisure?!" I don't know, but I feel the need to insert a giggle after writing it. " Hi, my name is Amber and I'm majoring in Recreation and Leisure *teehee* My turn ons are..."

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