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a nifty little lj daydream

I'm in a kitchen. I've got on my tie-dyed apron and am fixing treats for the holidays. Seanarcher runs in and gives me a hug-- my, but he's lost a lot of weight! I conjure him a cranberry loaf. I look over to the living room, and there's dankitti and darktrain... dankitti is stepping on some sort of a device that makes a lightbulb go on and off to the beat of "jingle bells." Darktrain is jingling jingle bells, and seems VERY pleased with them. He smiles at me. The lightbulb goes out... I guess that's what happens when you turn a lightbulb on and off too many times. I go back to the kitchen to get an emergency candle. When I turn back around, the living room is all lit with festive lights, and there's a great big tree. dankitti is putting the burnt out lightbulb in a place of honor over the fireplace. There's a bar here... lakme and sans are chatting at a small table by a window, thorswitch sits at the bar and listens while watching the snow fall outside... rillifane refills her drink, but she doesn't notice. tillytollo and estokes are playing guitar and singing... fatmojo is bringing in an amp and some mics... gdj is peering very intently at a piano. krussel sits on the edge of the piano in mouseform. Gadfly is putting on his coat to go somewhere; I notice he's got a nice new scarf. Through the window, I see michaelboy and mauracelt building snowmen... but I can't go out for some reason. lovepink drives up, but her car dies. She gets out and kicks the tire. michaelboy throws a snowball. lovepink looks perturbed, but quickly catches on and throws a snowball back. Others show up-- suddenly there are a lot of happy lj people outside throwing snowballs! I wander past the bar. Scottobear's on a pay phone-- he waves. behind me, latrav helps dt trim the tree. Upstairs, I can hear the unmistakable sound of dodecahedrons on oak. I want to go upstairs and play with pim, ter, mer and zebra, but it's not an option right now. I suspect that roshi, axiem, kvance and czircon are upstairs, too, but I don't think they're playing. They're building something, but won't tell anyone what it is yet. Tef and ropy sit on the stairs, discussing something more important than it seems. Zed guards the top step and glares at me very nicely. I want to go upstairs, but have to get back to the kitchen. Duinlas is in the attic mixing something... I promised I'd check on his progress at some point. Dorm and price are in the secret room off the attic-- I wasn't supposed to tell anyone, and felt rather guilty about even thinking about it. Only ellie and I know the code. I pass by myth, absolution and ladyjanegrey, who are deconstructing poetry, which is posing as an innocent game of jenga. Papoose takes the pieces as they are deconstructed and hides them. She looks vaguely guilty about all this, even though she's _supposed_ to hide the pieces. I somehow get back to the kitchen, which is now inhabited by giant talking cats who want my apron.

This all took place in the span of about a minute, while I took a short break from thinking about work stuff. I no doubt would have encountered more people if I didn't have to get back to work :P There was a lot of detail re: clothing and such, but I haven't time to jot that all down. My brain has a mind of its own, it really does. :P

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