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Best. Birthday. Ever.

Really :)

Bad things:
ball marks on the ceilings and walls (don't ask)
the smashed glass and storm-out in the kitchen
the sea of beer and water on the hardwood floors
sting went from clang clank to clang clank
neighbors shushing
M sleeping before midnight

Good things:
great friends, here and online
keg lasted all the way to the end
hypnotic martini glasses
guests came and went in a steady flow
party proper broke up at exactly 4a
managed to find an applet and get the webcam online
ice cream cake
champagne and chambourd
spankings (thank HEAVENS I'm only 6! 35 would have been too much to take!)
thigh high kinky boots
wonderful thoughtful cards and gifts
scotto's party animation
livejournal greetings
2am emails
long-distance phone calls
disco belly lights
rosey the riviter
3am guitar jam
so much more...

Wishing you all could have been here :)

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