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Technically, all the crying was done by midnight, so it may still be a tear-free birthday

Some people think that treating other people Very Badly is OK if they do it for self-protection.

However, when other people do it to them, it's considered sadistic and cruel. Even if it's likewise done for self-protection.

It's funny how both sides can believe this and how it self-perpetuates.

The dichotomy and the dark humour of the situation are lost on them.

We are all one.

And we see the world as a reflection of ourselves.

Fear begets only suffering.

A simply sorry would have sufficed.

The insults and underhanded compliments were uncalled for.

That they were veiled behind self-deprication made them no less hurtful.

And no, I'm not going to explain the whos the whats the whys or the wherefores.

I'm not even going to leave room for speculation.

I put this here for me, not for you.

So, happy fucking birthday to me.

Don't be unduly concerned. Tomorrow will be better, I know it. I just needed to dump this here so I can sleep.

Perhaps it's a good sign that my birthday proper is starting on a brighter note.

Thanks for the birthday call, Ib. Sorry I wasn't in better spirits. I will have a voice next time; promise.

And Caren, thank you, too :)

Yes, thirty-five six will be good. I just know it.

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