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Spiraling down the rabbit hole

I am reading this book, and it is changing my world, or at least the way I perceive it.

I am dizzy with it. Seriously, I can barely see.

Thank heavens it's hardcover. I don't think its pages would last long otherwise.

I could put a hundred quotes right here, right now. But my mind is too full of their wonder to choose them.

I'm surprised I'd forgotten so much.

I'm surprised I'd closed my eyes to so much.

I'm overwhelmed, and tempted to start over again at the beginning.

Notes to self: appreciate the symbolism of DragonLdy, Ligerish, and Little Miss Ldy Girl re: Zarathustra, and the great humour of the story of the small loaded present being revealed in the small loaded present, K? Because Life is getting funnier and funnier, and you do not want to miss a single joke :)

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