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cryptic notes from the land beyond LJ

I'm back on chat sometimes, but not actively seeking anyone out. Still a bit too busy. Feel free to say hi, though :)

He calls sometimes just to hear the sound of my voice, and takes me shopping with him by phone.

The colder the weather, the warmer the pirates. Such is the effect of psychotropical drugs.

M's cranky. She sanded and washed the walls, and moved the furniture... with Aunt Flo.

I had a long entry written that very nearly avoided the Great Vowel Movement Shift.

My shoulders hurt. A WHOLE LOT. Who knew a gay man could shrug so well?

Abandoned all hope of getting the livingroom painted before the party.

Had an amazing steak dinner on Saturday for Atlas-boy's Birthday.

Updated my PDA with Expod 6.1 and PPX-Lite (I was using R2).

Took photos of the green door and misplaced cobblestones.

I was going to put something here simply for length.

Janet's back... but what of her spanking pants?

Still have photos of NJ and FL to post.

I'm yawning and I can't get up.

Work's crazy, but so am I.

Hey, you lookin' at me?

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