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Missed busses, torqued tools and bottled flies.

Oops. I had a long entry written and must have shut down the computer before posting it this morning. D'oh!

Got up around 7:30am. Even though I decided not to go to Boston with M, I thought it would be nice to drive her to the bus station.

I checked the departure time online. Just for kicks. It was an hour later than we'd thought! Woohoo!

So I showered, and we headed out. We rushed through Burger King enroute to the bus station, and our order was handled so ineptly that, fifteen minutes later, we had to leave without our hash browns. We made it to the bus station on time, though, oh yes we did.

Or would have, if somebody didn't check the bus departure time online this morning using the wrong city code.

She missed her bus.1 It had left an hour earlier. D'oh! I am a dumbhead who shouldn't operate a computer before coffee.

M didn't get too angry, for which I am most appreciative. I was feeling pretty bad about it.


Since I was already up and showered, I whacked my weeds.2 Yes, I am no longer a weedwhacking virgin. And now my recessive y chromosome is threatening to take over. POWER TOOLS POWER TOOLS POWER TOOLS! [insert maniacal laughter here] Even though the thing only weighs ten pounds, the torque was enough to thoroughly exhaust my poor, atrophied muscles.

You know, buying a house was the most expensive gym membership I ever bought... but it's also probably the most effective.


Then I did some laundry, had a lovely (though short) phone conversation, and drove M to meet her bus (on-time this time!).

From there I went to Albany, and then to Lennox, Massachusetts3 to see Shakespeare & Company's new production, Fly-Bottle.


--BEEEEEEEEEEEEP-- We interrupt this journal entry for a short, not-terribly-compelling review.

Fly-Bottle was wonderful. It was held on the Spring Lawn Stage, which is basically a smallish room with chairs on short risers on two sides of the room, looking down on a small space where the actors perform. It was the perfect seating arrangement for this intimate, yet passionate, performance.

This new, three-person play revolves/evolves around an event (an argument, really, centered on whether problems were relevent to the field of philosophy) that occurred between Ludwig Wittgenstein, Karl Popper and Betrand Russell in 1945. It covered some heavy philosophy (particularly as it relates to science, logic and social issues) which became clearer as the scene was revisited through each person's perspective.

All three actors were excellent. They found great breadth and depth in the characters, and I believe each gained audience sympathy when the events were viewed from his perspective. As the perspective changed, though, so did the perception of each character's stance, flaws and argument. This is a credit to actors, director and writer alike.

All three actors had accents, two of them Vienniese. If you're not familiar with a Vienniese accent, suffice it to say that it's not one of the easiest to learn, nor one of the easiest to make clearly understandable to an American audience. I never noticed the accents wavering or wandering, though they did seem to become less pronounced-- but whether that was done intentionally, or whether my ear simply got used to it is anyone's guess. I think I caught each of the actors was grasping for a line or two along the way. They stayed in character, so I can't complain. The original play, from my understanding, was a great deal shorter, and only lengthened at the behest of the company's artistic director (who also directed this piece). Pacing was pretty tight, and blocking, while minimal, was used to great effect.

Ultimately, the play left more questions than answers, which is exactly as it should be :)

I just ate it up.4 I'm considering contacting the company to see if they'll lend me a copy of the script-- some of the points that were made went by so quickly that I didn't completely grasp them the first time 'round.

And one cast member looked damned familiar, but I simply can't place him. He seemed to recognize me during the curtain call, as well. He's a founding member of the company, though, so I don't think I've worked with him on any local projects. I could be mistaken, though.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled journal entry, already in progress --BEEEEEEEEEEEP--


After that, a nice dinner at a pub, then home again, home again, jiggity jig.

My arms still hurt from the +2 Implement of Weedwhackingage, so I think I'll forgo the spackle tonight, and hit the hay :)

Wow. In bed on a Saturday night before 11p. That's almost scary.

Before I go, let me leave you with something silly from my inbox.
At Heathrow Airport today, an individual, later discovered
to be a public school teacher, was arrested trying to board
a flight while in possession of a compass, a protractor,
and a graphical calculator.

Authorities believe he is a member of the notorious
Al-Gebra movement. He is being charged with carrying
weapons of math instruction.

Please don't hurt me.

And goodnight :)

1 She chose a boooooneless bus (see "M" below)
2 I choose a boooooneless weed (see "M" below)
3 I guess I just couldn't escape the gravitational pull of Mass. As it was, time was warped, and we almost didn't make it there in time!
4 A play that debates the nature of reality and perception, as well as the Falsification Theory? The Geek in me and the Thespian in me are making love and doing the tango. :)
M OK, I know the links didn't work. Go here: http://www.aprilwinchell.com/multimedia/ and do a search on "rub my roast"-- it's about halfway down the page. I considered hosting it myself, but a) that's stealing and b) the site I've listed has lots of fun stuff to explore :)

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