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ldy w/post-it notes on brain iso rollercoaster for up/down relationship

I'm so stressed that I can barely see out of my right eye. I'm mumbling and I'm snippy.

And hungry.

Someone send me to a rollercoaster, stat-- I needs outta dis place!

Note to self: when home, look up aeroplan mile # and figure out whether you can take Tuesday off to see movingforward so you can plan your damned trip to Toronto.

Note to self: buy toronto tickets.

Note to self: get costs for airfare and hotel for dragoncon and give to M. figure out whether you want to go to Dragoncon on Thursday alone or with M on friday.

Note to self: buy atlanta tickets.

Note to self: determine number of vacation days so that you may distribute them. halloween in huntsville?

Note to self: plant more grass in front of the house. if it doesn't grow, yell at it.

Note to self: start planning bday party and invite people (you wanna come?)

Note to self: install via 4-in-1 driver updates. curse at email.

Note to self: get to Lowe's. bring pillow. get more paint samples.

Note to self: post more photos of NJ, photos of shadowfax's cool lighting stuff, and photo of painting of moon

Note to self: phone eleanor, phone scott, phone lil chris, phone xso

Note to self: look into buying cellphone

Note to self: go to bed before 11 or I weeeel keeeeeel yooooou.

OK, so maybe the pressure at home isn't much better than here.

Note to self: eat something right now please then call that radio station lady and quibble about the benefits of balanced demand load etc., then try to talk some sense into your client, k? thx

Did you guys know that the web journal update thingy doesn't work right now? Me neither! SDFJSJDF;@*Y((SHAODFH*W

I'm going to go eat before my vocabulary and sentence structure deteriorate any further.

In the meantime, if any of you can think of a way to get me out of this office and onto a rollercoaster, do let me know. I don't like this cranky ldy, and would like to ditch her at the first opportunity. Thanks.

And please leave a hug at the beep

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