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Science Friction

These scientific names were all taken from THIS SITE. Please go there and check out the gamut, so I don't feel like an arsole (yes, that would be the arsenic equivalent of pyrrole).

Erotic Acid

No, this isn't the world's best aphrodisiac. Its correct name is orotic acid, but it has been misspelt so often in the chemical literature that it is also known as erotic acid! Another name for it is vitamin B13. Apparently, if you add another carbon to it, it becomes homo-erotic acid...


Monty Python's favourite molecule? Spamol might also conjure images of unwanted "Make Money Fast" emails circulating the globe at the speed of light ("spam - all"). Its other names are aminopromazine, lispamol or lorusil, and it's actually used as an anti-spasmodic therapeutic agent.


I know you can get most things nowadays in a tin, but this is getting silly... Actually it gets its name from the plant Selinum Vaginatum. The related molecule is Vaginol, which also goes by the name Archangelicin.


This mineral must have the silliest name of them all. Its official name is magnesium iron silicate hydroxide, and it has the formula (Mg,Fe)7Si18O22(OH)2. It got its name from the locality where it was first found, Cummington, Massachusetts, USA.

A sample of pyroxmangite, with white pieces of cummingtonite visible toward the lower left.

Please note: smut does not grace the pages of this journal. This is all in the interest of science, folks! :)

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