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Cat-tested, Ldy-approved.

The late Fatty McFatFat McFatterson shortly before being eaten by the ginormous couch.
PS-- the tapestry and the rug are going, and the walls are getting painted next week.

So the couch is a success. To get a sense of scale, my model weighs-in at around 20 pounds. He is not, I repeat NOT, ever to be mistaken for a svelt little kitty.

Although I still didn't get quite enough sleep last night, I'm feeling more "me" today than I've felt in weeks. Thank heavens! I was so tired yesterday, and it turned out to be the most stressful day I've had in a long while. Today was much more reasonable.

Work was good. Real good. The pressure wasn't nearly as bad. I got to study lines during breaks and lunch-- I'd not be surprised if I'm completely off-book within the next week or so, which is encouraging, as we don't go up 'til July. I got to leave by 5pm (a rarity!), and we even had a spot of good news right before we left.

I went to the supermarket for seven-- count 'em, seven-- things, and walked out with $94.40 in groceries. What's worse, they were all necessary.

swoonOK, maybe not everything was necessary. These were, though. They called to me. I like flowers. Don't you?

I let the guy behind me in the checkout line go ahead of me because he only had two items, and I had roughly twenty seven thousand. He seemed very surprised. The guy behind him gave me a hard time.

Him: What's wrong with you?!
Me: Who, me?
Him: Yeah! What's wrong with you?!
Me: ???
Him: You don't have ANY junk food in there! At all!
Me: Shoot! I knew I forgot something!

I enjoyed shopping. I danced in the aisles. And when nobody was looking, I worked up speed and rode on the back of the cart. And I hummed jaunty tunes and even sang a little. Mostly old stuff, "Don't Get Around Much Anymore," "It Had to be You," that sort of thing. Nobody ran screaming, which is a good sign.

I smiled at everyone I met. They all smiled back. And genuinely; not in that "please don't hurt me, crazy lady" way.

There was an interesting gent at the meat counter. He was wearing a suit, and a frilly purple tuxedo shirt. He struck me as rather serious, and the type of person who likes things "just so." He returned my smile too, though.

People usually do :)

I ran into the bookkeeper at the market (not literally). That's always a wonderful thing. She called me "that spunky redhead."

I came home and ate sushi on my new couch. Because I could. Then I went through some paperwork, and paid a few bills. And now I'm relaxing with a bottle of Woody's Ice Malt Beverage wtih Natural Grapefruit Flavor. Mmmm. Grapefruity.

No karaoke or There.com for me tonight. In a little while I'll be collapsing into purple sheets and wrapping myself in red furry blanket, assuming the fat orange furry blanket doesn't hog it. And reading of pirates.

All in all, a good Tuesday, I think.

I'm behind on a lot of things, including birthdays, but I'll have to play catchup another time.

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run screaming from that crazy spunky redhead singing in the frozen foods.

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