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My name is Kurt Wagner, but in the Munich circus, I was known as... GEEK

I saw X-Men 2 Saturday with M and Steve. I liked it MUCH better than the first movie. Characters were better fleshed-out, and I'm all geeked-out and happy over Nightcrawler. I'm hoping Beast and Gambit make it into the next one. Mmm. Beast and Gambit.

K. So I'm a comic book geek. And I like role-playing games (though I haven't played on in years). So sue me.

I'm also a computer geek. I can make people's eyes glaze over in two minutes or less (up from last year's five-- woohoo!). In comments yesterday, I made a lame joke about loopback IP addressing to the date port and translated a snippet of Midsummer into 13375|>34|<. When the hell did this happen? I mean, yeah, I always aspired to geekdom, but I've no clue when any of it actually happened.

Of course, I've probably been wearing the ruby slippers all along* and just didn't know it. *clickclickclick*

I'm also an English geek. I've learned not to read books or periodicals with a pen in my hand. I edit without thinking twice about it. Don't get me going about the poor, underappreciated subjunctive tense. Really.

And I'm a theatre fag geek, too. And a business/marketing geek. And a PBS geek. And a song-lyric geek.

I'm probably a few other forms of geek as well.

Someone please tell me that geek is sexy. Otherwise, I'm heading to the basement with my Monster Manual and D20s, ne'er to be heard from again.


I got the coolest pirate book yesterday as a gift! It has maps, and appendices, and a glossary, and illustrations, and an index... OK, I think my geekocity is already established pretty firmly here ;)

I love pirates. In reality, their behaviours run almost completely contrary to my beliefs of integrity and honesty. But damned if I don't find 'em sexy anyway.

So, yeah, I'm a good-girl geek with a pirate fetish.

Rowrrrrrr, matey.


There's no real purpose to this post. I'm a geek who saw a movie and got a cool book.

Evidently, I'm not a geek of succinctity (it's a word; I said so).

Tomorrow I may be an actress, or lost soul, or a zany punster. Who knows. I'll enjoy my geekability while I can.

Maybe I'll post a picture with no purpose later.

* There's no place like

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