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short snippets and nothing more

I mowed my lawn for the very first time today, with the lawnmower E bought me for Christmas.

It's an old-fashioned push mower!

Me strong like bull!

Grass mowed like... grass!

I got a good workout, but it didn't take too long, and the yard looks very nice, indeed.


I do not know what it's like to have a child, and, considering my age and love life, likely never, ever, will.

Helpful, characterwise, but the reminder stung. As did the others.

I will blame you when the babies start dancing, you know.

Do you think M saw the tears welling? I bet you a dollar he didn't.

Nobody does until I point them out.


Maxman has a girlfriend. We call her Little Missy Whitesox. I think she's a stray, or at the very least, terribly neglected.

She sits by the back door with Max. She's almost come inside a couple of times, but Max usually stops her.

Max, ever the only child, is weighing his options.

Will I have two cats in the yard?


Michele went food shopping while I was at rehearsal.

And she made lasagne.

I lub her.


Photoshoot for Midsummer went very well today, I think.

I'll probably post a photo here at some point, if they come out as well as I think they will.


Michele has bought a house. Honest to goodness.

I haven't seen it yet.

No more impromptu lasagnes in my future :(


Email still screwed up.

Laptop sends fine.

Will swap out cable tomorrow. Just for shiggles.

May get alternate network card. It has given me problems once before.


J is coming back from Iowa to play Puck. God bless her :)

She tells me this the day after I made reservations to go camping with mutal friends, the weekend she's due home.



There.com has been eating up my time. I've met some very wonderful people through it, so it has been time well-spent.

I leveled up in socializing, got a present from D, another from Chias, and was welcomed into a club I consider very homelike :)

I will need to take care not to stay there so late in future, though.


I fell behind on lj today. If you posted something important, chances are, I missed it.


I'm tired. Today has been a mindfuck.

My brain's all squishy now.

Squeesh, squeesh, squeesh.

Tomorrow is a long day.

Tuesday is a long day.

Goodnight, moon.

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