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She goes wa, wa, wa, wa, wa- waltzing with bears...

The Verizon tech finally got back to me... two and a half hours later. Guy didn't stray far from his scripts, and wasn't terribly helpful. I was up 'til 3:30am talking to him, and then to another guy (who was a little more helpful). I don't think it's an ISP issue, and it doesn't appear that they're blocking port 25, 2500 or 25000 (why didn't I ever think before to ftp to the mailserver to check?).

I'm tired, but not as tired as I'd expect to be after four hours' sleep.

Day is crazy. You want what when?! I don't think I'll get a lunch.

I have a zillion things to do, but right now, I'm daydreaming about ballroom dancing instead.* I think it's terribly sexy, but that's just me.


Back to the grind! Erm, make that "back to work" ;)

*brrrring-brrrring* Holy smokes, Michele just bought a house! I'm both happy and sad (but mostly happy for her) :D

Hope your Friday is splendiferous!

* Not dancing as a method of self-adjustment, guys.

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