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I need a wife. Anybody want to be my wife?

I worked 'til 7:30. Considering that I get to work at 8:30, and get only a half hour for lunch, that's a damned long day.

So much for raking, etc.

I find myself longing for the days of overtime pay. And less taxing work.

Don't get me wrong, I do like my job. This gripeyness will pass.

Charlie called me to explain something about deja vu. Brain hurts more now.

Tomorrow promises (threatens?) to be a Very Long Arduous Day at work again... thank heavens I told bossman that I won't be in 'til 9:30 or so.

Odd note: I found myself looking up, and sharing in comments, lists of artists who had covered songs by Joni Mitchell not once, but twice today.

I laugh at the thought of karaoke.

I'll do a load of laundry. Yes.

To the basement, batman!

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