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braindump - feel free to ignore

Work's been insane. I'm working towards a vice-presidency. Me-- the lazy chick who nearly didn't finish high school. When did I become such a responsibility whore?

Anywho, I've reached stresspoint, so I need to jot these things down so I don't forget them later when I have a brain:

run errands on the way home: riteaid, bev ctr
feed cat
throw in a load of laundry!
mow? maybe?
call joanna
reserve campsite for June
call little chris
call or email eleanor
call tigerdirect
fix email (zonealarm)
karaoke? hahahaha (OK, maybe that's an unreasonable goal today)

buy housewarming gift from julie so I can send her photos
buy wine and candles

And although I won't have time tonight, please, self, do these soon:
write darkboom
write maura
burn disk and write Geoff

I am notoriously bad at keeping in touch with people. But I try.

I'm taking May Day off from work, thank heavens. Partially to celebrate Beltane, partially to get caught-up on gardening, and partially to protect my sanity.

Hooray for timing!

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