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Long-distance runaround

Apparently, my Toronto friends haven't heeded advice and have all contracted the SARS.

Here are the things I never got to tell my dear, departed friends:

billijean: I sing better in person. Marginally better, but better. *smoooch*
gefiltebitch: Please ignore my crazed ramblings, Anastasia. *smoooch*
stephaniekaye: The nice folks at AT&T have asked me to tell you to TURN ON YOUR DAMNED VOICEMAIL. Really, they said that. *smoooch*
jeep_guy: You get the happy icon for surprising me with a #*$&load of cell numbers-- thanks! *smoooch*

I will miss you all. Rest in peace.

I will now wash my mouth out with soap from all the dead-people kissing.

Uhm... this SARS thing isn't contagious, is it?

(No offense to my friends in Singapore, Hong Kong, and elsewhere, who know enough to take SARS a bit more seriously than those darned Canadians.)

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