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I assume this means I'm signed on for another season

I've been productive as all getout lately. Yowzers! I feel better when I'm busy, there's no doubt about that!

Yesterday, I got about a third of my yard raked (where "raking"=="raking some leaves and a bazillion small branches, and ripping out dead grass through sheer brute force"). I'm glad I stopped when I did... my back's a little sore, but not so bad as to prevent me from raking another third after work today. Then I'm off to grab a bite to eat with M, and look at sofas and dining room sets. Then drive by some houses M might be interested in buying. Then I might possibly pop into There for a little bit, if I don't collapse into bed (as I should).

The social structure behind There is shaping up nicely, works on a variety of levels, and is really interesting to watch. Met some unusual people last night who provided more entertainment than they thought -- flirting with the subtlety of rhino in heat. One was quite keen on scottobear. Poor scotto, I feel for ya, bro! Remember, you're welcome to introduce me to people as your insanely jealous ex-con wife.*

Tomorrow, I'm off after work to eat some Mexican food and go see Chicago City Limits with a Pirate. Hm, I wonder if they're doing a workshop Saturday? The answer to that is likely in the press kit. Nancy Drew, to the rescue!

Spoke with my friend Janet last night... she very much wants to come back to this area and play Puck*. She also wants to see a certain special someone that she can't get off her mind.

Poor Janet. This guy's in SERIOUS rebound mode. I know it, she knows it (but apparently doesn't grok it), he may or may not know it. He's a great guy, and charming as all getout. He asked me out before I went to Florida-- maybe as a friends thing, maybe not... I'll never know because I didn't go (probably for the best). He reminds her of her brother, and as a matter of fact, they share the same birth date.

She was telling me about this book which told her that people with this birthdate had the potential to be her soulmate, and proceeded to list off birthdates of fatal attractions and soul mates for me. I don't put much faith in astrology that doesn't rely on terrestrial longitude/latitude, but I found the results highly amusing, though in a rather creepy sort of way.

Of the five dates she listed for soulmates, one was E. ("Did I say soulmate? NOOOO, I meant FRIENDSHIP! YES! Friendship!" Bless your little heart for trying, Janet!) Of the three she listed for fatal attractions*, one was my Pirate. Couldn't share this with J, though. My tongue hurts from biting it. My earlier statement about "I'd rather die" suddenly takes on even more humour. Oh, we all have our crosses to bare bear.

The Writers are back on-track, and my sitcom life is funnier than ever. I wonder what will happen next? [insert laughtrack here]

Well, while I wonder, I'd better make some tentative plans (in case there's another writers' strike, dontchaknow!):
Today - Rite-Aid, laundry, raking, call Joanna re: camping, email songs to Janet, eat dindin, buy furniture, look at houses, do grocery shopping (maybe!), either read or visit There
Friday - work, go to the bank, remember ebay bid, dinner, theatre, maybe visit There
Saturday - phone li'l Chris, phone Eleanor, buy gardening things, rake more, get hair cut and coloured, choose a room and a colour to paint it, draw a sketch of "Rage" for battlesketch, go drinking with Michele and one of her friends, call Toronto and send long-distance hugs to drunken people I wish I could be getting shitfaced with
Sunday - Clean and paint a room, maybe? More laundry? Take things to Salvation army? Garden? Jeez, get some rest, girl!

I know there's stuff I'm missing. I'll probably just add to the lists as I remember them.

Oh, shoot-- high-high-HIGH on the list is removing the dead mouse from the back porch. Max has a girlfriend, and evidently she brings him presents. Either that or she left it for me... I get the feeling she'd like to be adopted. Oy.

And that is the state of me.*

* If they find out I'm your sister, well, we can just tell 'em we're from Arkansas ;D No offense intended to people from Arkansas who do not believe in interfamily marriage.
* Our current Puck pucked out on us. Something like this usually happens... I'm hoping all snafus get out of the way early, before they become incapacitating instead of mere inconvenience.
* I've never seen that movie.
* Not well-written, not terribly well-thought out, but so be it.
* Yes, you have to figure out which footnote goes to which. I'll give you a hint-- they are in order. Shouldn't be too difficult.

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