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Instead of presents this year, Santa, can I have omnipresence?

I looked at a house with Michele this afternoon. It was VERY nice (much nicer than mine!) and in a fabulous location, but a bit out of her price range. She'd be seriously house-poor, if not in actual financial difficulty, if she were to purchase it.

She asked me what to do; I suggested she get pre-approved for a mortgage, talk to a financial advisor (or take a really close look at her finances), and then talk to her parents. Under no circumstances should she consider signing anything with anybody until after she'd taken those steps and had a good night's sleep. I then went home to call my father.

She comes home an hour or two later. She'd had a beer with the realtor, signed a contract and put a bid on the house for the selling price.

"Why didn't you stop me?!" she says.


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