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Blame is illusionary. But if I believed in it, I'd blame spammers, the IRS, and my wee little brain

I've had intermittent problems with outgoing email since I installed the wireless router.

Wireless router people finally sent me a firmware update that was mentioned repeatedly in their faqs, but not actually hosted anywhere.

Installed it. Outgoing mail worked! :D

Once. :(

I haven't been able to send email in days, except through webmail (which is ugly and sucks). This has been frustrating beyond belief.

I think I just fixed it. Mostly through guesswork. It doesn't seem to be the router at all. No, it appears that my ISP is suddenly being all twitty with port 25.

For those less familiar with IANA port assignments... oh, hell. I can barely begin to explain what ports are or how they are used. Long story short, ports are the places that information enters and exits a computer. A port can be physical (your printer, for example, is probably connected via a parallel port or USB port), or logical (to connect to this website, your computer uses port 80). Logical ports all have numbers assigned to them. There are a bloody lot of them.

Some ISPs will not allow you to use port 25 for outgoing mail (if you're using a non-ISP email address), because spammers abuse the heck out of it.

The good news (for me, anyway) is that my email server supports STMP port reassignment!

The bad news is that my particular mail client (Eudora Light) doesn't!

The good news is that you can copy a file from one directory to another, and the option magically appears!

The bad news is that you have to know to manually edit another, unrelated file buried in your windows directory to make it all work!

I can only imagine how frustrating this would be to a computer novice. This was extremely frustrating to me, and I nearly have a clue of my very own! Once I suspected the port problem, the rest was easy. The worst part was not knowing that Verizon was changing its policy, and seeing the router as a red herring... and having to send all outgoing email via webmail while I went on my wild herring goose chase...

I guess today's lesson is "correlation does not imply causation." Oy gevalt, do NOT make me learn this lesson three times, K?

OK. Rant over.


In other news, I hate taxes. I bought a bigass house, and yet I'm going to claim the standard deduction because points, interest and taxes didn't even come close (even when figuring out other misc. deductions). And I owe on my state taxes. How can I owe on my state taxes?

I'm cranky. It's nothing personal, really. I'm cranky at inanimate things. And my own notsmartenoughness.

I've fallen behind on LJ today. So if you wrote anything, I probably didn't see it. Blame spammers, the IRS, and my puny brain. I just did. And it made me feel a little better.


In other other news...

We had improv last night. We had a big audience. They laughed a lot. And we got paid. There is something very wonderful about that.

That I'm back to being healthy is also a wonderful thing. (I was so sick Friday that I didn't go to work, and seriously wondered whether I'd be able to perform Saturday night.)

That I saw a certain pirate last night is certainly a wonderful thing. A frustrating thing on certain levels, but no less a wonderful thing.

That a director (who once hated me for dropping out of a play after the first rehearsal) saw the show and thought I was the berries last night is a wonderful thing, too.

Hmm. What other blessings can I count? Max and Michele and all of you and refunds and email and cordless hand vacs and tiki water bottles...

...and the fact that neither spammers, nor IRS, nor my puny little brain shall stay this courier from his appointed rounds can keep me from that bed over there.

Sweet dreams, LJ.

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