*smooch* (ldy) wrote,

Back in black and blue


Car was so covered in ice yesterday (mostly exterior) that it took two-and-a-half-hours of chipping and defrosting to get it moving. Even then, there were a couple of inches of ice covering the the roof and hatch. I drove out of the driveway... and discovered that I had a flat tire. D'oh!

I have Geico roadside assistance. While I'm capable of changing a flat, I was tired enough from the scraping and chipping to just call them. They said someone would be there in a half-hour, but he didn't show for almost three times that long. I had to hold the hatch open while he got out the spare. My arms were shaking from the weight (and I'm no weakling). Then I had to hold up the "floor" of the hatch so he could get the tools out... meaning I had to hold open the hatch with my head.

My back hates me now. Really hates me. It didn't hurt terribly this morning, but by mid-afternoon it was so bad that I left work early, picked up my car (tire repair cost all of $12.50-- w00t!), and headed home to the loving arms of my cat.

It hurt so bad that I even took NSAIDS. That's an event of note. To give you an idea of how infrequently I take pain relievers, I got the bottle from out of the medicine cabinet. It expired 08/02. It was unopened. I took a couple tablets anyway.

OK, lab experiment time! Take a bunch of Christmas ornaments. Throw them in a canvas sack. Put on big stompy boots. Stomp on bag full of ornaments. Now, gently roll your foot heel to toe, and listen closely: that's what my neck sounded like when I was trying to nap a few minutes ago :P

Anywho, I don't mean to be melodramatic. I don't think I did any long-term damage. But dayam. I feel old! Thank heavens tonight's rehearsal will focus on character work rather than physical movement.

In other news, I went to Amanda's birthday party last night. It was fun :) And it snowed like crazy. Quote of the night "Hey! Your shoes match my penis and your earrings match my underwear!" From my understanding of the situation, they did, too. The end.

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