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There is duality in everything. Male/female, day/night, on/off, sickness/health-- it is our nature to think in twos rather than threes; namely because those are the patterns that are most prevalent. Two may be as lonely as one, but it's still a magic number.

Duality can be difficult to understand at times, though. I'm dealing with this now on several different levels, but here I will talk about my health. That which is seen as a symptom of disease is more than not an indication of health, of one's ability to fight disease. (Of course, if one's immune system and emotional health were really strong, one would not succumb to illness in the first place.) So suppressing symptoms is often completely counterproductive to healing.

OK, so I'm covered in hives again. One of the worst outbreaks (if not the worst) I've ever had. Is it solely physiological? Psychological/emotional? I have to believe it's a little of both, as I believe most illness is. I hate suppressing symptoms, but this has gotten out of hand. I'm hoping that application of a topical steroid on the worst areas will help clear up the whole thing, so that I might continue to function as a normal human being. If it doesn't, I'm out of luck, as a slew of doctors have been baffled by this, and I've pretty much given up on an answer from allopathic medicine.

I don't have any other symptoms, though I did sleep in the same position all night (a rarity) and had vivid, epic dreams. Stress has been monumental, but I am trying to find time to stretch and relax my mind from time-to-time.

Let's look at possible causes and contributing factors:
  • Allergies - possible, though this condition only happens a couple times a year, and does not seem to be related to any change in diet or environmental factors. Neither does it seem to be tied into seasonal changes. However, I did recently try a new soap and skin lotion. Action: do not use new soap or lotion, and consider taking digestive enzymes so that food allergies don't compromise your immune-system further.

  • Toxicity - hello, I'm a a smoker. Very likely. Action: consider detox, particularly as it relates to heavy metals (of course, quitting smoking would be SMRT as well).

  • Stress - definitely related, though I would suspect that stress is the factor that undermines my immune system so that whatever this is can take hold in the first place. So it may or may not be a direct cause, but it is definitely a trigger. Action: relax, dammit.

  • Pathogens - I'd considered this possibility in my old apartment, where black mold was a problem. There is no such mold in my new place. Still possible, but it seems unlikely. I regularly take olive leaf extract and colostrum, so a viral, bacteriological or parasitic problem would have to be pretty tough to still be an issue. I've considered the possibility of a stubborn case of candidiasis, but that also seems unlikely at this point.

  • Psychological/emotional - I have been wrestling with issues of self-esteem, self-image, self-importance, love, safety, sex and guilt. These issues have been intense in recent days. Suspect that this is a definitive factor, or at least another trigger. Current condition could be an indication that these issues are being resolved, or that they are not being resolved :P Action: journal privately. Come to terms with recent situations. Live with integrity.

  • Immune-response - a few years back, my immune system went wacko. My bloodwork was crazy-- brilliant hematologists threw around words like lymphoma, leukemia and lupus. Nobody knows what caused this bizarre immune response (I personally suspect stress and emotion), but its physiological manifestation was unquestionable. Current hives/eczema may be caused by a proliferation of T-cells, which could be an indication of something bigger happening (or could be a steam valve preventing something bigger from happening, who knows). Action: Stop taking wide-spectrum multivitamin for a week or two, as it contains echinacea, which increases white-cell production. Also stop taking colostrum for the same reason.

Recommendations: take a "regular" multivitamin (even though it's not as good as your current one), coral calcium and antioxidants (grape seed extract, alpha lipoic acid, selenium). Olive leaf extract may be acceptable, as it increases white cell activity, but does not (to our knowledge) increase their number, but monitor this closely. Take care of business-- finish laundry and get yourself mostly packed tonight, and focus on work at work. Love yourself, wholly and unconditionally. Breathe. Journal. Stretch. Drink water. Do not fret. This, too, shall pass.

Most importantly, Ldy, I prescribe a vacation.

Woohoo! I just happen to be taking one, starting Saturday :)


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