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~Zeeeeldaaaa Geek, what's that rule of which you speak? Could it be of it's and its apostropheeeee?~

The inverse posting law of Ldy: the busier she is, the more she posts.

I never intend this to happen, but there it is. And I'm freakishly-busy today.

I just taught my staff the difference between it's and its, complete with mimeographed Xeroxed handouts (partially-plagiarized, sad to say).

You'd think they'd have had this down pat. But they didn't. Never too old to learn, though. One tiny little rule of thumb, and now its (and it's) is theirs forever!

::massive cheering!::

Some people were born to be wild. Some were born to be great. I have resisted it all my life and with all my being, but I was born to teach grammar.


The name's Geek. Ima Geek*.

Other geekish news... I bought a laptop case yesterday. It's actually a nice leather briefcase with a removeable laptop sleeve. It's almost too nice to bring on the plane (the purpose for which it was purchased).

More news... have to run home after work to grab the old script, so I can apply the cuts to the new script. Poo. I knew I'd forgotten something. Then I have to get gas, check the oil, and make a run for the border New Scotland. I should probably have some sort of plan in place for discussing my thoughts about the programme. Hahahahahahaha. No, really.

Less geekish news... I miss a friend an awful lot. But what can be done? Not a whole lot.

Thank you Dr. Seuss.

* not my real name.

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