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People are strange, when you're a stranger

There are strange people outside. We won't talk about them.

Someone stole one piece of mail (a signed and sealed greeting card) from the outgoing mailbox. We don't know who, or why.

Staff member just asked me what a "diction-ologist" was. Wasn't I just talking about diction? Anywho, it's "ADDICTIONologist," someone who treats addictions. Close enough to be weird.

I open an ad to start working on it and find I need some information from the client. As I pick up the phone, an employee puts a piece of mail into my hand. The information I need is inside.

Today's brand of weirdness isn't bad, but it's still kinda creepy nonetheless.

I'm certain rehearsal will be... interesting. It would be interesting anyway. I'm prepared for it, artistically-speaking.

May I go home now, please? I'd really like a nap. And a lottery ticket.


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