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Dear Amazon.com;

Darn you and your Gold Box™-- darn you to Heck!

Had to get the steam cleaner. How did you know I wanted one? I deliberately didn't look at anything even resembling a steam cleaner in the hopes you might not offer me one at a discount. My housemate will now (mistakenly) think I've developed an interest in housekeeping, and may even begin to expect me to pick-up after myself. Oh, the humanity!

Well, now that I've got a steam cleaner, I might as well pick up a couple CDs. Hey, this would be a great time to get the router and PC card, too...

More! More! I must have more!

Here! Take my wallet and beat me with it!

I am at your mercy, Evil Corporate Entity, Sir!

Harder! Yes! Make me buy again!

Thank you!

Your most ob't servant,

PS - May I have another Gold Box item now please?

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