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Half regular geek, half theatre geek, but all geek all the time. Except when I'm not, of course.

The regular geeky part:

~Please, Mister, Please
~It was my box, it was his box
~now they're w-i-i-i-i-reless

So, yeah, I'm learning all about wireless networks. Security authentication, TCP/IP protocol, compatibility issues, you name it.
In my "spare" time.
For fun.
I'm a sick puppy, I know.

I would like to have the notebook (yes, that'd be the one I've barely touched) and possibly the PDA wireless by the time I go to Florida. It'd be nice if I could make my whole system wireless, as well. Seems simple enough... I just want to choose a system that's secure, reliable, fast, and (preferably) the same brand I'm most likely to encounter on the road (that last part is highly unlikely, I know).

Theatre/Movie stuff:

The murder mystery is definitely off. I'm sure some folks are relieved, and happy for the easy money, but I'm a bit disappointed. Now I have to find some non-performance way to purge Franny from my system. Alcohol may be a good bet there, I'm not sure. I MUST find a way to get "Baby Face," "Am I Blue" and "Happy Days are Here Again" to stop repeating in my head. They play non-stop. Sometimes they all play at the same time. I fear I'm losing my mind (assuming I didn't already lose it long ago).

Amazon.com is evil. Yes, I'm just learning this now. I hopped over to order a Midsummer Night's Dream script, made it out of there hours later with that and Holy Grail. I'm lucky I escaped with my life. MY LIFE, I SAY!

I watched The Road to Perdition last night. Excellent. Not exactly the feel-good movie of the year, but excellent nonetheless.

Might go see Nicholas Nickleby tonight. Looks like fun :) How they managed to condense it to an hour-forty is beyond me. Even if it were to suck, I'd like to see what Nathan Lane and Barry Humphries (Dame Edna) do as Vincent and Mrs. Crummles.

I'm up to my neck in work today. One staff member was two hours late due to an appointment, while the other had a death in the family. Yikes.

Whoops, I forgot to eat breakfast. I should really eat something. Now that it's two o'clock and all. EEK! TWO O'CLODSLJLKVSNDVKLND~!!~!!

* Question: how is that pronounced? I've no RL geek friends, and I'm afraid I might embarass myself should I actually verbalize my geekocity. I'm saying Eight-Oh-Two Eleven-Bee. Actually, I'm singing it to "please mister please," while the countermelody to "am I blue" plays in my head.

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