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If you do not raise your voice, you cannot ever hope to be heard

If you support the Peace movement, please take a moment to stop by moveon.org and consider signing their petition today.

The list of signers and comments from this petition will be compiled and delivered to the 15 Security Council member states on Thursday, March 6th, along with the letter below.

TO: The Members of the U.N. Security Council
SUBJECT: Tough Inspections, Not War
Dear Member of the U.N. Security Council,

We are citizens from countries all over the world. We are speaking together because we will all be affected by a decision in which your country has a major part -- the decision of how to disarm Iraq.

The first reason for its existence listed in the Preamble to the Charter of the United Nations is "to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind." If your country supports a Security Council resolution that would authorize a war on Iraq, you will directly contradict that charter. You will be supporting an unnecessary war -- a war which immediately, and in its unknown consequences, could bring "untold sorrow to mankind" once again.

The U.N. was created to enable peaceful alternatives to conflict. The weapons inspections under way are a perfect example of just such an alternative, and their growing success is a testament to the potential power the U.N. holds. By supporting tough inspections instead of war, you can show the world a real way to resolve conflict without bloodshed. But if you back a war, it will undermine the very premise upon which the U.N. was built.

President Bush argues that only by endorsing a war on Iraq can the United Nations prove its relevance. We argue the opposite. If the Security Council allows itself to be completely swayed by one member nation, in the face of viable alternatives, common sense and world public opinion, then it will be diminished in its role, effectiveness, and in the opinion of humankind.

We do not support this war. For billions of citizens in hundreds of countries, and for the future generations whose lives will be shaped by the choice you make, we ask that you stand firm against the pressuring of the Bush Administration, and support tough inspections for Iraq. The eyes of the world are on you.

[Number] citizens of the world.

If this is something you don't believe in, that's fine... but if it's something you DO believe in, take a moment right now, as it goes on its way tomorrow, March 6.

Thanks a bunch :)

http://www.moveon.org/emergency/ (for my friends who don't like their links opening in a new window)

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