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Lysistrata Project

Lysistrata was a hit. We were only going to do one show at seven, but ended up doing a second one at nine.

The seven o'clock was sold out. The crowd was large, boisterous and extremely appreciative. We were accompanied by the Groovalicious Drummings of the Funky Amazonians. :D

The nine o'clock crowd was small, quiet and listening... but seemed to have a good time, too. We were accompanied by the Groovalicious Drummings of the one remaining Funky Amazonian. :)

Our ninety-minute show ended up going to nearly two hours, even with cuts-on-the-fly. Had to stop for laughs and pregnant pauses along the way. Still, I felt like I was rushing; trampling audience reactions. I often feel that way with scripted comedy, though.

I removed my bra onstage at one point (thought that was worth noting for posterity *snork!*), and draped it upon the Commissioner's head. His SO liked it so much that she asked me for the brand and model. Heh.

Enjoyed the show. Enjoyed it a lot. A magnificent, brave, intelligent, patient and extremely talented group of people took a seat-of-our-pants staged reading and turned it into something truly remarkable.

I'd do it again, if given the chance.

The Project's organizers thank all involved:

People in Denmark take the story to heart (and play keep-away with other organs):

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