September 5th, 2010

rubbah and horns

From Twitter 09-04-2010

  • 00:34:55: @zztzed Dock scrolling RULES! In case you missed it, you can pinch to fly out and see all your screens. Most of my stuff's on the dock, tho.
  • 12:11:55: Hm... go to Brophy's for the game & chance at a $50 bar tab, or hit the almost-guaranteed-to-be-empty gym for the first time since Dec? #fb
  • 13:14:31: @Jim_Beeler you still on? I'm headed upstairs :)
  • 13:17:35: @Jim_Beeler skype: FAIL. You were there, but no pickup. Should've rung through to my phone before; not sure why it didn't!
  • 13:19:59: @Jim_Beeler Figures you'd call during the only 30 minutes in the past two days when I've been occupied :P Ah, well. Enjoy your adventures!
  • 15:25:08: The Ldy Home Gym(tm): Washed, waxed, rain-x'd, armorall'd & tire-magic'd... now, to do the interior or nap?
  • 17:10:45: @sciencemonkey wax on, wax off!
  • 21:47:39: Feeling depressed; my get up and go done got up and went. Might just stay in again. I'll eat something, though; maybe that will help. #fb

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