July 14th, 2010

rubbah and horns

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  • 00:12 Home again, home again. And time t' feed da bunnies!! (@ The Palace of Poon) 4sq.com/9DVSxD #
  • 01:12 Driveway soliloquy? I'm in a good place. Bad for twitdrama, but good for me, I guess. And now kitties & bunnies are tended, as well. :) #
  • 10:02 Digging on this mightily. It's like Brian Eno in a box. Music for USBports? Whatever, it sure is nice: bit.ly/cPoGQ8 #
  • 11:35 @Jim_Beeler Hee, glad you liked it! You'll probably also appreciate this: bit.ly/95QOag #
  • 12:43 Old Spice for brilliant marketing win made of cake and diamonds again: bit.ly/csbJs1 Thank YOU, @oldspice. You, too, @adfreak. #
  • 12:49 PS: *Monoclesmile* #
  • 18:46 TRIVIA! Go Figpuckers!! (@ The Laboratory, A Cafe Of Science w/ @sciencemonkey) 4sq.com/9QoI2S #
  • 19:50 @sciencemonkey Oink means yes!! It's all in the inflection, and we, um, help with that ;) #
  • 19:52 @sciencemonkey Dude, I thought you were enroute to Chatt! I don't see you! Wave at me!! #
  • 23:48 My S3 went boom. No more photos :l #
  • 23:50 I'm at University Club w/ @twoofswords. 4sq.com/dkGmbN #
  • 00:00 Dammit, no camera makes me sad. Cannot fix atm. Need to enjoy. Having difficulty :( Must find dance friend. In 3-2-... #
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