April 22nd, 2010

rubbah and horns

These are Today's Tweets

  • 03:48 And I am awake before 5am why, exactly? Sigh. Guess I'll go forage for something to eat. #
  • 04:15 I am happy to be alone, for the most part... though that doesn't stop the loneliness from creeping in. What I wouldn't give for... oh, nm. #
  • 10:35 Had a nightmare about haunted Cuban shoes & a heartachingly sweet dream. Today I'm carrying my mental umbrella (thank you, @stephenfry). #
  • 12:55 @AllThingsEllie "These linens, they need a chaaaanginnnnn..." #
  • 15:54 Anyone looking for an amazing marketing executive in the greater G'ville area? Because I just got laid off... #fb #
  • 22:52 Inner ongoing dialogue: "yearning." Lesson of the day: "let go." Wishing things were easier, is all. #
  • 22:58 NOT gonna be sad. I am very loved. Very loved, indeed. Wishing... jeez, can't even say. Not out loud. I guess that's the rub, right there. #
  • 23:04 Is it funny I've got all this major crap happening & yet I'm mostly concerned about this other thing? That I can't discuss? Yes. "Funny." #
  • 23:09 "Let go." It was whispered to me even before today's events. I should, & I will. There is nothing here to hold. I am ready to be swept away. #
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