March 18th, 2010

rubbah and horns

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  • 19:01 So. Very. Sick. Of. Cleaning. #
  • 19:42 Not how I'd like to be spending my St Pat's, but at least I had some company for a bit. Don't think I'll finish tonight, but I soldier on... #
  • 21:27 Just about to head home to sleep... m'boyo calls: "computer's built, but win7 isn't installing-- come by in 30 minutes?" Yes, I'll be there. #
  • 23:53 Fixing my boyo's new build while eating a hot pocket and playing "drinking Boondock Saints." I haven't the words for the surreality. #fb #
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rubbah and horns

ain't it a cryin' shame, I'm tired

Went to G'ville 101 today... basically a citizens' education on the city and how it's run. Pretty fascinating, but prolly not helpful to my employer, so I may skip future sessions. Hard workday. Cleaned house for several hours after. Then went to my son's house to help complete his win 7 install on his new compy. It won't recognise the sata 3 drive. Still not fixed. May post details tomorrow.

He and his friends were playing "Drinking Boondock Saints" (drink whenever someone says f-ck or ass). Great game for the first hour. Then it goes south REAL fast.

Had a great time, tho. Love my boyo. His friends, too. I should spend more time there, even if they are a bad influence on me ;)

Another night of no sleep. I wonder how long I can do this... had to keep dancing while hosting trivia last night, afraid if I stopped I would collapse. Tuesday Trivia Interpretive Dance Extravaganza was a hit... others joined in.

Goodnight, eljay :)

My day thus far

Hee. Looking at my last entry it's easy to tell (for me, at least) it was thumb-typed from the keypad of my phone; my writing style goes right to heck in a hand-basket. The late hour and lack of food and sleep in recent weeks probably contributed, as well.

Spent the morning at a marketing thing put on by an apartment association... the speaker was amazing. She had forgotten her power-point clicker-- I just so happened to have mine in my bag (why WAS it in my bag, anyway?! I haven't used it in five years!!), so I was her heroine. My predecessor had advised me to not renew our association membership, but I was withholding a decision until after I attended an event... having attended, I was strongly considering bailing. Then the President of the company, MY company, came in to speak about his upcoming campaign for office. That was unexpected! Well, gosh. Maybe we'll stay, then :P

Tonight I have drinks with GCP people before they go to see preview night of the new show (gotta get my hug on!), then I work on the house some more (I'll be done by this weekend, goshdurnit!!), then home to watch Funny Money (the next show, for which I hope to audition Sunday) with my new roomie(s).

Being tired means never having to say you're sorry my parenthetical statements are getting all outta control, so I should probably cut off here. We're all crazy-busy here at the office, but a handful of people (including the President) are watching the Gator basketball game in the fitness room next door to my office... perhaps I should slow down long enough to pop by for a moment and cheer or groan or whatever's appropriate at the time for camaraderie's sake.

~Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em and those who don't run away quickly enough~

* Can you tell I've been busy? The busier I am, the more I do, and the more frequently I post. It's nice to be back :)