March 13th, 2010

rubbah and horns

These are Today's Tweets

  • 01:12 It may seem inconsequential to others, but me, I am key-driven. I gave away my Lab keys and suspect I shall never get them back. Sad, that. #
  • 01:17 Amazing dinner (& lunch tomorrow) from Paramount Grill... company was surprisingly delightful. Now am tired. Very very tired. Goodnight mzzz #
  • 09:02 Stress, hormones, weather or wine... I'm not sure which is more to blame for today's headache. Buck up, Ldy, buck up! We've much to do!! #
  • 19:05 A day without punny funness is like a tweet with a crappy analogy. (Wow, what a crappy analogy!) #
  • 22:30 I just put SIXTY bucks o' gas in my son's van... on top of a quarter tank. Holy smokes! I had no idea it held so much! #fb #
  • 22:35 Long workday, more packing, more storage. Now I assemble chair and repair dryer. Sat & Sun I work Home Show 9 to 3. Does this ever end?! #fb #
  • 23:16 I totally fail at moving, but I am Ze Queen of Flat-Pack Furniture Assembly. I never thought I'd like a kneely chair, but this seat rocks! #
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