February 25th, 2010

rubbah and horns

These are Today's Tweets

  • 13:28 Heading to a Very Important Interview... think good thoughts my way for the next couple hours? Thank you! :D #fb #
  • 16:02 Thank you thank you for all the good thoughts-- interview/presentation went exceedingly well! I'll know more next week : ) #fb #
  • 22:22 Handwritten thank-you notes: mailed. Perhaps a wee small drink, then away to bed for an early-morning attack on The Boxes of Dooom. :) #fb #
  • 23:06 The place I'm going to store my stuff (ironically, where my ex's gf stores HER stuff) is across the street from where I interviewed. Weird! #
  • 23:08 Interviewer started calling my references shortly after I left. One wrote me to say "did you know you walked on water?" Hee. <3 G'night! #
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